Make your work experience joyful again!

Life means 8 hours for sleep... and 8 16 hours to find joy.

Design led employee experience...
Join us on the journey.

Recognize your joy

10+ practical hacks for boredom, neglect and connection.

Social is back

Distanced workers on dispersed teams, you are not alone.

Learn Wellness

Rediscover your own joy and happiness in just 30 days.

We all want to find joyful experiences in work and life, again.

Struggle to be your true self at work
Anti-social interaction
Self neglect/ No worklife balance
Work is dehumanized

During the pandemic employees everywhere had to reprioritize life and work.

Over the last few years work life has gotten sour.

We exist to help employees..

Our mission is to spread a culture of levity for an improved workplace experience.

Shaun is Bored

Daren needs to focus on wellness

Isabella deserves an awesome workday!

Heather needs manager training.

Design thinking for work life.

We help teams and employees find their joy again with guides, games, polls and more.

We have a product store.

We play and learn together.



Virtual Experiences



Self care-as-a-Game

Employees are facing is a loss of joy in their work. This problem impacts organizations and companies but it is the kind of blatent human problem that is for human centered design. 

We teach humor and fun!

Gig workers
Employee parents
First professional job
Founder, Human focused Design Thinker, loves play and humor

Our mission

We want a community for employees who want joyful work to be a part of their life.

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