Work... don't leave your sense of humor out of this?

What if you didn’t leave your sense of humor at home? Well for the longest time I was hesitant to be myself because of the confines of the office environment. Now I work from home so what’s my excuse? 

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Are you laughing more at work these days? Do you find it easier to connect with colleagues, family and coworkers? 

I was recently inspired to try humor as a both a career strategy and a wellness strategy after reading this article from one of my mentors.   I have been studying  the works of Naomi Bagdonas for almost 6 months now, through her book “Humor, Seriously” and her course “Remotely, Humorous”. 

Now, I want to find out what happens if I spend 15 days focused on opening up my sense of humor in my own work as an Experience and Product Designer.


Am I still funny?

My 15 day challenge to try get my humor back

Can I get my funny back?

I am an experience & product designer, who is a family man with a dad bod, a mortgage and my barber paints my hairline.

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Desired Outcomes

Recognize growth in my own humor skills

Perform an assessment at the beginning and the end.

Improve my relationships

Measure by asking for feedback, looking at engagement and capture any LOL's or actually laughs I get in my journal.

Better performance

Less fumbles, uh's and ah's on camera (Zoom/Teams) or recording on YouTube when doing 2-3 min. videos.

Stronger relationship to work

Come up with a product with a humorous edge. (title, content, visuals, etcs)

Lessons learned

Document any negative feelings or negative consequences from using humor.