Work... don't leave your sense of humor out of this?

What if you didn’t leave your sense of humor at home? Well for the longest time I was hesitant to be myself because of the confines of the office environment. Now I work from home so what’s my excuse? 


Are you laughing more at work these days? Do you find it easier to connect with colleagues, family and coworkers? 

I was recently inspired to try humor as a both a career strategy and a wellness strategy after reading this article from one of my mentors.   I have been studying  the works of Naomi Bagdonas for almost 6 months now, through her book “Humor, Seriously” and her course “Remotely, Humorous”. 

Now, I want to find out what happens if I spend 15 days focused on opening up my sense of humor in my own work as an Experience and Product Designer.


Am I still funny?

My 15 day challenge to try get my humor back

Can I get my funny back?

I am an experience & product designer, who is a family man with a dad bod, a mortgage and my barber paints my hairline.

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Desired Outcomes