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A curious podcast combining self-care and wellness for work from home parents and entrepreneurs.

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Recognizing the healthy/unhealthy boundaries.

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Latest topic

Do I have a boundaries problem? Part 1

In this episode, I discuss questions that can assist you in discovering and evaluating your boundaries. I'll include examples of healthy and unhealthy boundary signals.

Build products to sell

I am a designer (specializing in UX, Product design). Even though I make a lot of “scratch my own itches” like to make websites and products that make my solutions work for other people. This podcast is as much about designin employee experience as it is about building products and innovating experiences

Setting Boundaries is the first step in my journey to improve self-care.

Future topics coming soon!

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Currently I post this project on Facebook, join my subscriber list and I can share it on other platforms.

Draw the line

Where and how to establish or reestablish your own boundaries

Communication tips

How to deliver a no without burning bridges.

Dealing with the anxiety of defending your boundaries

Managing the feelings that come with changing expectations.

Deciding on a plan to defend and protect your boundaries

Guilt free boundaries

Inhibition: Saying no to yourself

Intrapersonal boundaries how to inaction protect your boundaries from yourself.

Personality / Role & Status

How your personality and the perspective you own in your environment play into your bourndaries.

Bonus: Practice scenarios and social experiments

About the Host

Rodney Echols

Designer, Dad and husband. Full-time employee and entrepreneur. In spite of all of the boring zoom meetings and the lack of work-life balance, I dream of making work an inspiring, productive and happy experience again. I also dream of making human focused digital products and experiences that promote fun and humor.

My approach is to this project is to combine amateur self-help learning with with design thinking and product design. I like making human focused products so I aim to take confusing or hard problems and make them simple and enjoyable. Work life balance is just the right spot to start this journey. 

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