Here's an idea for UX designers & creative managers

a small group for inspiring fun & levity

What if designers and creatives seeking to prioritize joy, curiosity, wellbeing, and recovery had a place to unlock new levels of inspiration and creativity. I want to make a space for these essential elements, that is a safe for our often introverted personalities but also inspiring enough for vivid imaginations and sensitivity. You can invest in yourself and your work by focusing on your wellbeing and discover how a simple shift in mindset can lead to profound results. 

Do you enjoy your work, but struggle with your job? We are looking for a few designers... who are looking for wellbeing.

Finding playfulness, curiosity and connection are keys to taking care of our creativity mindsets... though few of us find the time.

Join in on a fun adventure to design a more joy your workday. This is a perfect space for remote UX and Product Designers to make fun and creativity part of their daily self-care routines.

A cohort-based course to practice levity & fun

Invest in your wellbeing friend.

Tools, Connections, Inspiration

Choose one of the topics, and I will match you with a small group. We will send you an invite to our next happy hour.

Cohort based learning

Our meetups are held on a Zoom call, they are 1 hour long. I build the show script using my design facilitation method called LUMA. It makes for an interactive participatory experience.

Support group for introverted creatives

small friendly casual, 4-week cohort
$ 39
One-time fee
  • Exclusive ticket to the Zoom call
  • Premium early access to Toolkit
  • Live hosted activity

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What's between you and your best design life?

Our mission is practical joy and wellness

Share Obstacles & Challenges

Learn Tips & Tricks

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Want to learn more?

I occasionally share insights and new ideas about building fun and wellness. Whenever we find something good I'll send ideas and inspiration to my friends. Join my friends list.